Youth Development & Achievement

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Youth Initiatives

We support programs that develop the academic and social skills of Baltimore City youth, focusing on middle grade students and pre-school children.

Middle School Youth

Our largest funding area focuses on programs that develop the academic and social skills of Baltimore City middle grade students, preparing them for successfully completing high school and meeting the challenges of adult life.

Priorities include:

  • Programs that improve school effectiveness, including but not limited to recruitment and training of principals and teachers, and that strengthen students’ social and emotional well-being
  • Out of school time programs that enhance the school day and are measurably linked to both improved academic performance and personal achievement

Projects of limited frequency and duration, and those focused on transition to high school are low priorities.

Early Childhood

A secondary focus in our Youth funding is on children during the first five years of life. We recognize that what children experience before they enter kindergarten has a critical impact on their readiness for school, and can have a long-term impact on their educational success and health.

Our funding in this area prioritizes support for programs that have been shown to be effective in developing the social and emotional as well as academic skills necessary for learning. Support is provided primarily for:

  • Parenting programs
  • High quality pre-school programs.

Grant applications for early childhood projects are accepted by invitation only.  Interested organizations should contact the Foundation’s Executive Director via email no later than December 1. The email should contain a brief description of the project, project budget total, and the amount to be requested. We will reply as soon as possible with a decision about whether a full proposal should be submitted for the Foundation’s annual deadline of March 1.