Hoffberger Family Philanthropies

The mission of the Hoffberger Family Philanthropies is to respond with available resources to unmet needs in the greater Baltimore community with a significant commitment to the Jewish community.

About The Hoffberger Foundation

The Hoffberger Foundation is led by descendents of Charles and Sarah Hoffberger, Jewish immigrants who established Baltimore as their home in the late 19th century. Reflecting their charity and commitment to community, the Foundation remains focused on providing support that strengthens communities, eases barriers to opportunity, and has a positive impact on the well being of individuals who live in impoverished neighborhoods.

Board and Members

Alison Fass, President
Sam Hoffberger, Vice President
Corie Hoffberger, Secretary
Harry Halpert, Treasurer
Ben Fass
Louise Goodman
Russell Hoffberger
Marjorie Kovens
Scott Kursman
Sue Gross
Lois Halpert
Bruce Hoffberger
Douglas Hoffberger
Peter Hoffberger

Active Family Members
Trevor Hoffberger
Heller Zaiman

Contact Us

Hoffberger Foundation
101 West Mount Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21201-5708

Terrill North, Executive Director
Helen Kim, Program Officer

410-369-9336 office

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