2022 News Release:

Congratulations to all the organizations that received 2022 grants. These grants are directed toward supporting the efforts of nonprofits in Baltimore dedicated to enhancing workforce development and economic mobility as well as addressing challenges related to children’s mental health and trauma. The Hoffberger Foundation is excited to continue partnering with all nine grantees from 2021 as well as three new organizations. We are committed to working collaboratively towards positive and sustainable community impact and look forward to the shared learning opportunities and collaborations in the coming year.

Baltimore City Intergenerational Initiative for Trauma and Youth  - $50,000

Baltimore City Intergenerational Initiative for Youth and Trauma (BCIITY) is a coalition made up of residents and community stakeholders in West Baltimore focused on supporting their trauma-informed and resilience-based initiatives. The nonprofit is a public charity that serves as an intermediary for community-based organizations primarily focused on supporting youth-centric mental health and trauma. BCIITY is developing a pilot Ecosystem Relationship Management (ERM) that will track and segment participants, mental health providers, partners, and other stakeholders to analyze how various parts of the system connect.

CASH Campaign of Maryland - $50,000

The CASH (Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope) Campaign of Maryland promotes economic advancement for low- to moderate-income individuals and families in Baltimore. CASH is implementing the Guaranteed Income Pilot Program in Baltimore known as The Baltimore Young Families Success Fund, which is a two-year initiative providing $1,000 unconditional monthly payments to 200 selected under-resourced young parents, ages 18-24, that will be tracked and evaluated through a randomized control trial. This pilot is part of a nationwide effort by mayors seeking to address income inequality and ensure economic security for the most under resourced.   

Family League of Baltimore - $50,000

The Family League of Baltimore is the Local Management Board and serves as a funding intermediary with the overarching mission to address inequities in the education and health systems while providing opportunities for all youth and family members to thrive in the Baltimore community by supporting a range of programing targeting children and families. The Foundation’s initial planning grant supported the pilot of the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) Program in Baltimore, which is a national two-generation evidence-based home visiting program that recognizes the critical role parents and caregivers play as a child’s first teacher and role model. The current grant expands the pilot into an additional site in West Baltimore and is part of the Family League’s larger workforce development effort.


About Hoffberger Family Philanthropies: The Hoffberger Family Philanthropies are led by descendants of Charles and Sarah Hoffberger, Jewish immigrants who established Baltimore as their home in the late 19th century. The Hoffberger Foundation was established in 1941, providing support that strengthens communities, eases barriers to opportunity, and has a positive impact on the well-being of individuals who live in impoverished neighborhoods. The Hoffberger Family Fund was established in 1980 to support The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore. For more information, please visit https://www.hoffberger.org.